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Hi I’m Iz!  


As a five-year old little girl, something didn’t seem right. I was psychically and mentally sick—I was the smallest and shortest in my class, my hair was falling out, I was scared and anxious all the time, and I spent countless nights sleeping on the bathroom floor with a belly ache after every dinner. 


After doctors’ appointments around the clock, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Celiac was not such a common illness at the time; I was insecure and sad to be given this challenge. I said goodbye to foods I loved more than anything. Birthday parties and playdates were tough. I always felt like the odd one out. 


However, with each year, more confidence and stability grew within my gluten-free identity:

Gluten-free Iz. 


I was the first in my school class, and at my sleepaway camp of 300 girls to be “gluten-free.” This empowered me to stand as a leader for my gluten-free community. Through childhood into my adolescent years, I stood as a mentor for newly diagnosed friends and strangers. 


Gluten-free Iz has been in the works for years – it is meant to be a place where the gluten-free community can come together as one. Now that you know a little bit about me... please enjoy and explore my stories, lessons, coloring activity, interactive story mission, and of course, my online video books. We are all one big gluten-free family! 

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Travel adventures with Iz...

Join her interactive story mission!

Iz loves to travel the world, explore new gluten-free restaurants and bakeries, and of course, create her own gluten-free fun from her New York home. Want to share your special gluten-free adventure with Iz?


Scroll down below, and your story can be featured right beside hers! 


Birthday biziness


Ciao izabelle

Iz so london

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